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One of the special differences in our Lyman School programs is our Elective Day. Every Friday we offer special elective classes that the students can choose from. 


These classes can include: 

  • Cooking is a beneficial life skill that teaches nutrition & kitchen safety, as well as building literacy, math, science & fine motor skills. Many of the ingredients used come from our school garden. 

  • Gardening helps children relax and self-regulate while teaching patience and delayed gratification as they plant from seeds. Going from garden to table can help develop a connection to where food comes from. 

  • Board Games class enhances social skills, boosts self-esteem, and develops fine motor skills all while teaching a new concept. 

  • Quiz Bowl makes learning about a variety of subject matters fun. Students learn study skills, as well as create their own trivia quizzes. 

  • Archery teaches sportsmanship, eye hand coordination, upper body strength and balance. 

  • Equestrian Studies gives students a chance to be in nature, build companionship, self-esteem, strength and balance. Studies show that children who work with horses have less stress than children who don't. 

  • Animal Care teaches compassion, kindness & responsibility. Students learn to care for chickens, goats and even sheer sheep. 

  • Creative Lego teaches creative thinking, communication and problem solving skills, while enhancing spatial reasoning. 

  • Studio Art encourages imaginative thinking & creativity as well as giving students another way to express themselves. Students learn art techniques and function.

  • Arts And Crafts works with a child's fine motor skills, creativity, builds confidence and communication. 

  • Building Class teaches focus, fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, mathematical thinking, engineering skills and tool safety. 

  • Home Improvement teaches students skills needed to help out around the house. Students are taught basic carpentry, plumbing and electrical skills. 

  • Boxing teaches self-discipline, coordination, speed, self-defense, patience, and health and proper fitness. 

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