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High School Program


All classes at the Lyman School benefit from low student to teacher ratio as well as individualized learning plans. 


Our high school program is aimed at giving our students the skills necessary to prepare them for higher learning, other vocational achievements or independent life. Depending on each student and parents goals after graduation, we structure a schedule that fits the students' academic and emotional needs while earning credits towards their diploma. Students who choose to pursue a baccalaureate degree will be challenged with a curriculum that includes higher leveled math, sciences that include lab, literature and advanced essay writing. 


All high school students are given the opportunity to participate in our Immersion Program. The purpose of the Immersion Program is to provide our students with additional enrichment activities that extend outside the classroom. Our vision is that students will be immersed in events that foster involvement with the community, nature and oneself.  Through community service projects, nature filled adventures and self-development experiences we aim to continue developing the child as a whole person. We wish to not only promote rigor, but also empathy, self-confidence, and tightened awareness. As our students prepare to move off into adulthood, we want to provide them with valuable tools that will ultimately lead to success.  



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