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Lyman Learning Institute Program
Guiding Children Through Adaptive Experiences

The Lyman Learning Institute was formed for students who benefit from an alternative approach to learning their academic, social, emotional and life skills. These students may require one on one or small group instruction in a prepared environment that facilitates learning and growth.  Our program, combined with academics, offers training that gives each individual student dependent the tools to be a successful member in their community. We understand that each student in this program has their own capacity to learn with different learning styles. Taking these learning styles into consideration we find that most of the students learn through:

  • Experiences that are appropriate to their developmental level through imitation and observation of the modeled behavior of those with whom the student identifies (parents, teachers, siblings and peers)

  • Communication, both verbal and non-verbal 

  • Building trust and respect with others

  • Positive reinforcement for successes and appropriate behavior


  • Activities outside of school and in our community 



Lyman Learning Institute offers two learning tracks each specifically designed to meet the needs of each student and assist them in meeting the future academic and social goals set by the student, parents and teachers. School administrators and teachers work closely with parents to determine the most suitable track for the student. 


  • Vocational Track 


The vocational track prepares students with the skills they need for workplace readiness, and enrollment in vocational technical training. This path includes a modified curriculum. We encourage students to participate in Vocational Rehab. The school will assist students in finding on and off campus internships.  


  • Life Skills Track 


The life skills track prepares students through a focus on the skills required for independent living. Students are encouraged to participate in Vocational Rehab. This track emphasizes on teaching independence through the practice of shopping, meal preparation and planning, self care, laundry and basic financial awareness.  

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