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The Lyman Difference


The Lyman School is the only local school where students are taught using multiple learning methods. There is the Lyman Method, a language based program designed to assist students who need additional support in language arts; the Montessori Method, a true hands on approach that inspires natural interest in learning in a prepared environment. We also offer other programs that are customized to the needs of our students. We offer essential education, such as Life Skills and Social Skills classes and have Speech Pathologists available for those students who need additional speech and language related instruction. 

The Lyman School is a child-centered community of learning.  Our method of teaching supports "out of the box" thinkers by fostering connection with self, others and the environment. Our low student to teacher ratio allows each teacher the opportunity to bond with their students individually and provide the type of instruction necessary for the child to learn with confidence.  Through education, research and evaluation we strive to reach children who think differently or creatively while inspiring them to become lifelong learners, responsible citizens and global stewards.

We work to instill academic excellence by encouraging children to crave knowledge, connect with personal processes and strive for a peaceful working existence to prepare them to advocate for themselves. By fostering each child's intellectual, emotional, and physical identity we afford them the opportunity to step forward confidently into the working world. 


Teaching Students Through Reaching Students 

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