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The Lyman School was originally founded by Donald E. Lyman Ph.D as the Alliance Academies of Central Florida, a school with special academic education.  In 2005 the school changed names and is now called The Lyman School and continues to offer students who were struggling in a mainstream classroom an environment where they can thrive.


Due to the need of alternative teaching methods the Lyman School has found itself relocating from time to time.  Today they are pleased to announce that they have found their forever home in Winter Park that offers the opportunity for development and expansion.

With this move, they have expanded their teachings and have opened The Lyman Learning Institute, a program specifically designed for students that require additional specific learning instruction, practical life skills, job preparation and a sense of self acceptance and motivation to learn. ​

Our School

As a whole school community, we are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing academic environment based on the observations and writings of both Dr. Donald E. Lyman and Dr. Maria Montessori methods for main stream students as well as individuals who learn differently. The Lyman School adapt’s to each child’s aptitude for learning with individualized educational plans that hone each child’s ability to excel within their intellectual profile. 

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